The SUN in 11TH House Solar Return Chart

The SUN in 11th House in SOLAR RETURN CHART Interpretation 

11th House solar return chart interpretation info-graphic

The 11th house of the solar return chart is the house of "Why not?" and those with the Sun in this placement question everything. While the 10th house is the house of laws and traditions laid down by society as a whole, the 11th house, normally ruled by Aquarius, questions whether or not these laws created for the masses should apply to the individual. People with the solar return Sun in the 11th house question the validity of laws and traditions that they find restrictive and have not yet personally experienced as useful. 

Freedom is the battle cry, but there is also a driving need to personally accept or reject all the rules, regulations, norms, and restrictions one has to live by. One married woman with the solar return Sun in the 11th house questioned the need for total fidelity to her husband: prohibitions against open relationships no longer made sense to her. 

The Sun in the 11th house is associated with weakening inhibitions and the increased likelihood that changes will occur during the coming year. For those individuals with strong Uranian tendencies and a propensity for change, the Sun in the 11th house signals a push for freedom and disruption of standard practices. For those with strong Saturnian characteristics, change is less likely to occur at this time.

Some individuals experience this placement as a mental exercise that creates tremendous internal anxiety, but little external disruption. Others see this as a time to open doors to new experiences.
The main thrust of this process is to break down needless restrictions so that true change can occur when the Sun moves on to the 8th house.

The 8th house can easily be perceived as the house of greatest change, and the propensity for movement when the Sun is in the 8th comes directly out of the 11th house review process. If the reassessment of restrictions and options for freedom does not occur, the individual is less likely to form goals for the future that lead to change.

Another common practice while the Sun is in the 11th house is socializing. There is a need for close friendships and group interaction. These associations provide opportunities for discussion and insight. Feedback regarding goals helps to concretize plans.

In order to fully understand the cycle of the Sun in the solar return houses, it will be necessary to follow the Sun's yearly path, which is clockwise, and usually moves through three houses. 

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