The signs of someone being a Highly Sensitive Person

Sign of Empath

Besides Empaths, we are lucky enough in this world to have and know the existence of Highly Sensitive People. Research has shown that approximately 20% of the population is falling into the category of Highly Sensitive People and only two to three percent of the population is Empaths. Sometimes, people confuse Highly Sensitive People and Empaths; however, they are not the same even though they share some common traits.

Let us see the signs of soeone being a Highly Sensitive Person:

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Highly Sensitive People are able to feel their emotions and that of others in a deeper way than most people.  

  • They will be offended easily and take things personally when other people express their opinions in a rude manner or their actions are offending to the Highly Sensitive Person.  
  • When they find themselves in an emotionally charged situation, Highly Sensitive People are prone to overreact, as normal people would call it.  
  • People who have met you and seen your reactions to emotional situations will tell you that you are overly dramatic, emotional and that you need to calm down.
  • Highly Sensitive People find it hard to make decisions since they are aware of the different possible consequences of each decision.  They also choose to do different things on their own and avoid being in places with too many people.  
  • They get emotional every time a moving scene is presented in a movie and they also find it hard watching scary or violent movies. 
  •  Highly Sensitive People are also able to recognize the subtle details of the people that surround them since they are sensitive to noise, scent, and other kinds of stimuli such as colors.  
  • They tend to cry more often than other people, especially when they see someone else crying; it can trigger their own tears to fall.  Highly Sensitive People are more polite and careful when being around people since they are more aware of them.  
  • They are prone to developing social anxiety from being overstimulated when they are present in a social gathering.  They can get overwhelmed easily by strong scents, loud noises such as sirens, and bright lights.  They will be extremely stressed and may suffer a breakdown if they have a lot of things to do in a short amount of time.