The Interpretation MOON IN THE 8TH HOUSE in your yearly Horoscope

It is very likely that you will study some psychology during the year, but you may be-come aware of psychological influences naturally without any education.

 Initial insights can come from associating with mentally disturbed people. The intensity of their psychological abnormality is fascinating, yet frightening. It is common to have an 8th house solar return Moon if you are a professional therapist or astrologer just starting to counsel others. Disturbed individuals need not play an important role in your life and may be mere acquaintances. They are not the real focus of your realizations; they are merely the catalyst. 

You need to become more aware of the psychological influences affecting you and your immediate relationships.

 Intense realizations associated with bizarre personalities will give way to insights into subtle manipulations and power plays. Eventually, psychological realizations can occur during the simplest interactions with others. If you are caught in an emotional power struggle, it will become more obvious how you and/or others manipulate rather than state clearly what you need and want. Psychological complexes and hurt feelings complicate relationships and make it more difficult to discuss problems rationally. Unconscious feelings may undermine conscious decisions. Ambivalence is common. Obsessive-compulsive behavior, jealousy, guilt, unexplained anger, and helplessness are frequently clues that something is wrong. 

Recognizing and understanding your own psychological idiosyncrasies will give you great power over your own life.

 Insights into your defensive reactions will help you overcome barriers to intimacy. Increased intimacy is especially important since superficial relationships and superficial discussions will not suit you this year. You need to be able to talk at length and in depth about what you are feeling and perceiving. It is during these discussions that initial realizations are triggered and later confirmed. It is also during these discussions that you formulate and express new behavioral patterns that sidestep psychologi-cal inadequacies. 

Emotional situations tend to be more complicated and intense. Issues are no longer black or white, good or bad.

 Decisions are less straight for-ward, especially if you feel responsible for the well-being of others. For example, if you have children and were offered a transfer to another state, you would not make this decision without careful consideration. On one hand, the move may improve your career possibilities, but on the other hand, the move could have a great impact on your children. You must consider the emotional or psychological ramifications of your decisions since they are more likely to affect others. 

If partners or family members are moody or unstable, you may have to think before you speak if you want to avoid upsetting responses. 

You may be in a delicate position requiring great diplomacy and tact. Others can interpret what you say incorrectly or overreact. You will be dealing with intense feel-ings and may expect others to involve you in very emotional circumstances. If you counsel others professionally, it will be easier for you to control these situations. If these situations are appearing in your personal life, you can deal with them effectively on your own or seek advice. 

Increased intuitive accuracy will encourage your reliance on this mode of perception. Psychic and intuitive realizations grow stronger, but may seem less controllable. Even if you do not consider yourself psychic, this is a good time to trust your hunches, but if you are psychologically stressed, you may be less able to distinguish true psychic im-pulses from fears and anxieties. If this is the case, you should reserve judgment until your powers of discrimination grow stronger. 

The Moon in the 8th house can show changing shared resources or economic dependency. 

If you share funds with your spouse or some other per-son, the amount of money you receive will change either positively or negatively. This change may be reflected in the aspects to the Moon. On the other hand, your own personal resources are more likely to decrease in comparison. The reduction need not be much, but you are more likely to feel like a dependent rather than an economic equal. There could be very valid reasons for this. For exam-ple, you may be on pregnancy leave or attending school. Financial power struggles are symbolized by the Moon in the 8th opposed to a planet in the 2nd house. You and your partner or someone else may fight over how to handle money or pay bills. These arguments might be very emotional and further complicated by unresolved psychological issues. Clarity and a willingness to discuss needs will help you to reach positive compromises. The Moon in the 8th house also indicates a change in indebtedness. Debts either go up or down but they rarely stay the same. 

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