VENUS in 3rd house Of your yearly SOLAR return chart

 Your ability to express yourself coherently is important to the activities of the year. Others will listen and respond to what you have to say; therefore, your communication patterns need to be clear and concise. 

For example, one individual organized and wrote a correspondence course during the year Venus was in the 3rd house of the solar return chart. This person’s ability to write well was crucial to the success of the task at hand. But one does not have to be involved in a major project to need good communication skills. 

Effective negotiating techniques are useful in many everyday situations, both business and personal. The ability to make your point quickly, easily, and clearly can give you the edge when mediating a dispute or bargaining for what you want. At other times, being diplomatic may be more advantageous. If you feel the need for improvement, you may want to take a course in communication skills, but for those who are experiencing problems of a personal nature, it is more common to attend counseling sessions, especially when the communication and negotiation of needs are the major topics of discussion.

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A love of learning is also shown by Venus in the 3rd house. This is a good time to return to school or sign up for a course. 

If you have been apprehensive in the past about finishing your education or going on for a higher degree, this is a good time to start. It may be easier for you to adjust now since you look forward to learning new things. If you do your best work, academic honors are possible during the year. Social contacts with neighbors are increasing, and you may meet or socialize with a greater number of local people. 

Superficial familiarity with many neighbors is more common than in-depth relating to a few. The emphasis here is not necessarily on creating new and long-lasting friendships, but acquiring new acquaintances. In keeping with this trend, you may join the neighborhood coffee klatch or community association. My favorite example for a 3rd house solar return Venus is a teenaged girl who took her first job at a local neighborhood library. She not only met many of her neighbors, she also began to date a few. Your urge to meet and communicate with your neighbors can be motivated by a neighborhood problem. Socialization may be secondary to involvement in an organized community effort or public service.

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