The interpretation of MERCURY IN 8TH HOUSE in your yearly Horoscope

You become intellectually aware of psychological complexes and power struggles, but they generally do not dis-rupt your life or upset you emotionally. When the Sun is in the 8th house, you are more likely to be disrupted by the turmoil of living with your own psychological issues or those of others. When the Moon is in the 8th house, you may be upset emotionally by complex unconscious forces and power struggles. Mercury in the 8th house is generally not upsetting, only insightful. 

There are several ways to initiate and stimulate this psychological insight. 

You may study psychology directly, or you may become involved in one of the occult sciences. You may see a counselor during the year even though you might not feel seriously stressed. Mercury in the 8th house implies the ability to grasp psychological information intellectually. Generally, by itself, Mercury is not indicative of nervousness or anxiety. If you are just entering therapy at this time, you may be doing so to gain self-knowledge rather than because of incapacitation. If you have been in therapy for a while now, this may be the year when therapy pays off, and suddenly you begin to see the behavioral pat-terns that have been affecting your life negatively. 

Psychologically, you may be more withdrawn and cautious during the year, preferring to talk to one person in depth rather than several friends superficially. Small talk will not interest you. Information that is factual and blatant will not be as exciting as what is less obvious, sexual, or mysterious. You see and understand a lot more than you express. You may withhold information deliberately or just be reluctant to talk openly. 

This is a good time for financial planning and consolidation loans. 

If your debts have risen recently, you might want to establish a payment plan for reducing those bills. If you share income and expenses with another person, review the division of debts and plan for future expenditures. Reread your will and investigate estate and tax plans. 


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From year to year, the Sun passes through the solar return chart in a clockwise direction, falling into every third house for those people who remain in the same location. For example,

the Sun in the 1st house in this year's solar return will probably move up to the 10th house next year, assuming certain conditions: the individual must remain in the same location and this location should not be too far north or too far south in terms of latitude.